• Gas & Oil Burners

    We sell and repair a complete commercial line of burners for commercial applications. A gas burner is a device to generate a flame to heat up products using a gaseous fuel such as acetylene, natural gas or propane. Some burners have an air inlet to mix the fuel gas with air to make a complete combustion. Acetylene is commonly used in combination with oxygen. It has many applications such as soldering, brazing and welding, the latter using oxygen instead of air for getting a hotter flame which is required for melting steel. For laboratory uses a natural gas fired Bunsen burner is used.

  • Ovens

    our mission statement is to ensure proper and successful diagnostics, professional repair and/or maintenance of your Oven. we can help provide you with great comprehensive analysis, as well; address all the issues and ensure proper repair in a timely and professional manner. Our certified technicians could certainly help your business get back up and running in no time, we deal with all different commercial appliances from repair to maintenance, moreover; we’re open 7 days a week, we follow market trends and provide you with most up to date products, technical knowledge and expertise, our mission is to provide you with high level of satisfaction and always strive to exceed your expectations.

  • Piping Work

    We are licensed and insured Commercial Plumbing Contractor that works with the most up-to-date technology, equipment and products available in our industry. Experts We have the professional expertise and long-term experience required to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your piping situation and repair or install it right the first time! Trained, Certified and Insured Technicians Our staff of commercial plumbers and technicians are trained and certified. You can feel confident with our plumbers to interact with any of your building tenants in a professional manor. Our Service Dispatcher will tell you when we will be arriving to your location.

  • Incinerators

    Our goal is to provide you with the very best, in machine sales, reliable factory quality, service and repair without the factory price. We could paste here the part of some article or couple of paragraphs from interesting book (that you have read for sure and may be even liked) or text in unfamiliar language ever. But we did not. We spent time on writing our own text, the text that you are reading now just like users will read your content in nearest future.

  • Test of Combustion

    Enviro Mechanical Repair has maintained a healthy business conducting projects performing various combustion services for scores of utilites. Enviro Mechanical Repair technicians have worked on hundreds of boilers accross south florida. Some of the services Enviro Mechanical Repair offers are:

    Combustion Tuning and Optimization, Baseline Characterization, Compliance Testing, Fuel Comparisons, Combustion Tuning and Optimization.

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